Bryce "Blue" Westbrook is one of the two new main characters in The Game, since the sixth season. Blue is portrayed by Jay Ellis. He is also Keira Whitaker's Ex-husband.

He is a wide receiver for the San Diego Sabers, and eventually wins a championship ring with the team.


Bryce is the No. 1 draft pick from an Ivy League school. Blue is often the most smartest person in the room and proves he is no average "dumb jock" which can rub his teammates the wrong way. Even through he is bright, he is still a young man who has alot to learn about life, love, and himself. The expectations for him entering the pros are through the roof. Bryce also was traded from Baltimore to San Diego for Derwin Davis. Blue also had a on-and-off relationship with former child actress, Keira Whitaker. Blue became jealous when Keira did a sex scene in her movie, which she didn't tell him about and later got him arrested for assaulting a cop.

In season 7, he asked her to move in with him and in the season 7 finale proposes to her which she accepts, but they don't get married

In season 8, Jason and Blue lock horns at training, but eventually learn to focus on the game. Tasha avoids her mommy duties. He also becomes the client of Tasha Mack. Blue later finds out that Kiera and Malik hold an attraction to each other which leads to a huge fight between him and Malik.

In season 9, Blue brawls with Malik over Kiera. In the series finale, he wins a championship.

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